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Murton Moor Farm is a family run farm situated 5 miles east of picturesque Durham city. The business has grown from 200 acres in the 1970’s to approximately 650 acres of arable land plus a further 3000 acres of agricultural contracting on farms all over county Durham.

In 1999 Judith introduced a flock of 150 free-range KellyBronze turkeys to the business. The flock has then steadily increased over the years and we now rear and process 700 birds of which there are 550 KellyBronze turkeys and 150 free-range geese which are collected from the farm gate on the two days preceding Christmas.

judith martin dryden

Martin and Richard have responsibility for growing the following crops:

Wheat – grown for a variety of uses including the Scottish whisky market and the newly opened Ensus plant on Teeside where it is used in the production of Ethanol, which is one of main ingredients in bio-fuel production.
engus plant
Oilseed rape - transported to either Hull or Liverpool and is used for the production of cooking oil. Due to government legislation concerning greener road fuels all diesel had ti contain 5% green fuel by 2010. This means that some of our rape is now going to companies such as Greenergy
to satisfy this market.
oilseed rape
Judith Dryden started

her interest in

poultry at a

very early age!
  judith dryden rodeo girl
2 months old and a rodeo girl
with a reassuring hand from Dad
judith dryden toddler   judith dryden young
2 years old and Judith decided turkey farming was for her. Even though the turkeys are shoulder height. Mam took took the photo of her gathering the flock from the field and walking them to the safety of the night shed.
This looks familiar, Judith carrying hay across the farmyard, still doing the same 40 years later and still loving the life

Murton Moor Farm - Murton - County Durham SR7 9TN
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